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Notice - The Architectural Controls Committee has distributed a letter to all homeowners letting you know that minor deficiencies exist that are not consistent with the community architectural guidelines.  Please remember that it is the responsibilty of ALL homeowners to keep our neighborhood beautiful!






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This is the response to Doug regarding the speed survey recently conducted in the neighborhood.

Dear Mr. Cunningham,

 Thank you for your request to install speed humps on Livingston Drive in Cheatham Hill Park subdivision.  Cobb County DOT has completed the necessary data collection to determine if Livingston Drive meets minimum requirements for proceeding with possible speed hump installation.  Our analysis consisted of collecting vehicular speed and volume data, along with conducting a field investigation of roadway geometrics, pavement and signing conditions.

 Given the layout of Livingston Drive, data was collected at two separate locations (street addresses 1418 and 1459) over the period 01/24/11 to 01/28/11.  This data revealed an 85th percentile speed of 33 MPH in the area of 1418 and an 85th percentile speed of 29 MPH in the area of 1459.  Both of these represent speeds less than the 35 mph speed required by the Cobb County Speed Hump Policy to further continue with this study.

 Although we are unable to proceed with the installation of speed humps on Livingston Drive, we will provide a portable speed trailer at each location in the near future.  The purpose of the trailer is to encourage motorists to observe the posted 25 mph speed limit.  We will also coordinate with Cobb PD for additional enforcement.  You may also submit traffic complaints to Cobb PD via their website at if you wish.

 Thank you again for your interest in traffic safety.  Please feel free to contact me at 770-528-1671 or should you have further questions.

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Anne Scudder - President (678) 355-6773

Steve Sywak - Vice-President (770) 590-1634

Janet Lockwood - Secretary (678) 653-7661

Rich Johnston - Treasurer (678) 403-2431


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